MsBiancaBaker - Fatty Kitchen Stuck

25 Mar 2022
1920x1080 HD

I bought a condo with a galley kitchen I didn t realize how small it was until SSBBW Xutjja was in it and asking me for cookies/brownies. I was getting in the shower and I told her to grab whatever she wanted. Little did I know when she tried to leave the kitchen she would legit get stuck. Now I was in the shower so I could not help her. Her massive body just can t fit and she tries and struggles. Her massive 500 plus pounds stuck right by my fridge. She struggles and really tries to get out but she can t. Shes ACTUALLY stuck. She cries out but since I am in the shower I can t hear her and when I get out of the shower. As soon as I see her stuck I try and get her out. I struggle so hard and I legit keep trying to pull her out. Her massive body is completely stuck. I try and remove her pants to try to get her unstuck but nothing... I jiggle her fat and grab everything trying to get her out at the same time. Poor Xutjja is stuck...
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