MsBiancaBaker - Get Ready To Get Fat

25 Mar 2022
1920x1080 HD


*Your going to need a whole pizza or something greasy and high in calories for this and also a 2 liter of soda*

I know how much you love my gaining weight videos, well here s your chance to eat more for me. I want you to eat while you watch this clip. You know how I want you to be a big fatty for me. How I want you to eat your life away. How I only want you eating fatty foods. Especially with tons of grease, the consumption of your food should all be high calorie, high fat. Every time you eat you know your eating for me. You know your gaining all that weight just for me. Every pound you gain you know your gaining for me. I don t want you to stop eating. I want you to continue to eat until you get SO fat. Shoving food down your face is your favorite thing to do for me. Whatever your size is I want you to gain weight for me and follow my calorie increase I give you. I tell you all the foods I want you to eat for me while reminding you of all the delicious foods you want so bad right behind me. You will want to eat your life away for me. Your useless, there s nothing else for you so you may as well eat a ton of food for me. Are you ready to be a big fat piggy for me?
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