SinnSage - Tootsie Tickles

29 Mar 2022
My girlfriend Stephanie Anders and i are getting ready to go out, when she drops her lipstick and it rolls under the bed. she gets down on the ground to crawl under the bed and get it, but she gets stuck! what a goof! she calls me in to come help her, but when i see her adorable feet sticking out from under the bed, i can t help but have a little fun with her! i immediately start tickling the bottoms of her cute feet, playing with her toes and soles with my fingers. she laughs so hard! her giggles are so irresistible! Stephanie is truly super ticklish, and i take full advantage of her stuck situation to tease her little tootsies! when i think she s had enough, she expects me to help her out. . .but instead i leave her there! Featuring Stephanie Anders
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