SinnSage - Tough Girl Competition

30 Mar 2022
Sheena Rose brags about being super tough from working out and that she s as strong as me. I suggest strength test games and see who gets knocked out for each round. She s cocky that she won t get beaten in this competition. We start with the pussy busting and we re gasping from the pussy pain, but put on a good game face for the uppercut challenge. Flexing biceps, I m face punching her. She goes to the couch, but stands up ready to dole out my face beating. I m out with the whites of my eyes rolling. She s not worried about the wedgie challenge, but I m not loving the yoga pants wedgie with ass smacks. Her bikini thong goes high up her ass crack and she s out from the pain. Thigh scissorholds are my specialty because of my thick thighs and I love seeing her struggle between my strong legs. Her lean legs squeeze in a standing scissor hold and I m gasping for air. Going still with my big booty in the air, she strips my spandex leggings off so I m exposed. I m embarrassed that she did imposed stripping, but I m determined to win my own game. With hands over mouth and nose while belly rubbing, we struggle to maintain control. She s nose pinching with her HOM and I m done. Ass smooshing makes her nervous and I enjoy having my big butt covering her face till she s still. My turn to do assisted stripping, and I remove her string bikini so she s completely nude. She s facesitting on me and confident that her firm ass will win. We ll see.Lifting and carrying before body slamming is easy for me but it s fun to see her struggle to lift my muscular body.Leg spreads test our flexibility but the whites of eyes show. We joke that the winner will be fucking the loser but our pussy grabbing has unexpected results because of the pain pleasure principle. The loser gets lipstick writes smack talk on their body.In an alternate ending, we try some over the knee spankings. The ass smacking is hard on my sensitive ass but I secretly love it!
OTHER KEYWORDS- cunt busting kicking tormented pussy beatdowns beat downs body busting bare fisted fighting scissoring challenges games muscle control muscle domination wedgiesreal doll fetish face sittingarrogant woman arrogant women muscular woman muscular women powerful woman powerful women strong woman strong women strugglingbig butts white booty tight asses whooty otk spanking FFbikini fetish bikinis yoga pants humiliation embarrassmentkink fantasies fantasy brunettes all naturalThis was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!
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