SinnSage - I m Done Being A Smoosh Toy

30 Mar 2022
Asia Perez sneaks up on me (Sinn Sage) and puts me in a chokehold but her surprise attack is foiled as I flip her over and climb on top for a full body smoosh. Our bare feet intertwine as I m bitch talking and lie on her like a human bed.

She escapes, but I throw her down like a human chair. Bitching about my weight compressing her, I m laughing at her struggles.

Tit smooshing causes breath play and she s booty smacking me to get off of her. Her wiggling feet try kicking me off.

I m in an over the knee spanking position and her butt spankings are cute if she wasn t so pathetic. She s tired of seeing my big ass in her face, so I climb back on her back and put full weight on her tiny body.

Torso sitting keeps her still and her weak slaps are useless. Her highly arched feet are flailing but her escape attempts are futile. She s my girl mattress and she will never be stronger than me.

Going to the floor, my thick legs scissorhold her neck. My big thighs are neck squeezing in a game of breath control before going into throat armholding.

Grabbing her legs and arms, my feet press into her ribs as she s crying in agony. A back breaker stretches her tight abs and I do a belly button finger claw. Her belly button ring pinching into her flat belly.

I m hair pulling my crawling puppy and she s too weak to stop me before standing scissorholds. I squeeze with my big booty framing her cute face.

Smooshing this bratty princess, I hope to flatten her into the couch.

Thigh smooshing her face drains her energy but I love feeling her perky nipples pressing against me now that she s topless. She doesn t want to be my smoosh toy, but I like flattening her beneath my weight.

She s so weak and allows me to start ragdolling her limbs. Pulling her up in an over the shoulder carry, I m spanking her ass and carrying her away to our real wrestling match.

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!
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