SinnSage - Jewell Marceau And The Pendulum

31 Mar 2022
Jewell Marceau is bound by leather cuffs and stretched tighter by Sinn Sage so her arms are pulled overhead on the torment rack. Her cuffed ankles are held down with ropes pulling her body longer. Sinn leaves her prey to deal with her perilous fate on the bondage rack.

She whimpers into her dark cleave gag and eyes the swinging pendulum as it gets closer to her heaving body. She gag talks while cleavegagged even though nobody will rescue this damsel in distress.

Her wiggling bare feet struggle as she tries to escape this bondage table, but she s immobile. Her eyes dart side to side and widen as it gets closer to her taut tummy and causes her to inhale making her rib cage more pronounced.

Scared as it edges closer to her belly button, her heaving large breasts shake as she s crying and testing her binds. Sweat drips off her curves as her arms straighten and flex in terror. Will the blade graze her navel?

Includes behind the scenes of Jewell flexing and posing while giving a shout out! Her long red fingernails caress her curves. Sinn oils her hourglass figure as they prep for the bondage. They give special attention to her sexy armpits!

OTHER KEYWORDS- classic bondage device bondage restraints damsel in distress DID, struggling immobility fetish peril gags cleavegagged woman cleave gagged women lotion/oil fetish, oil fetish oiled bodies gag talking, moaning fetish bound belly fetish bound bellies curvy arms overhead AOH roleplaying role playing, fantasies fantasy big tits brunettes Jewel Marceau thick women thick woman hourglass figures

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!
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