SinnSage - Cherie DeVille And The Pendulum

31 Mar 2022
Cherie Deville is bound spreadeagle on a bondage table while wearing a skimpy g-string. A cleavegag muffles her whimpers. A pendulum hangs over her firm belly and she s terrified to move except for her arched ribcage breathing deeply. Cuffs immobilize her wrists and bind her ankles while emphasizing her bare feet.

As the blade moves closer to her helpless body, she struggles to escape and gagtalks as it swings perilously close to her stomach. Her abs sucking in to get away from the device and her legs flail as much as she can in her bindings. She s whimpering and scared as it gets closer and screams in terror when it touches her flesh. Her eyes widen before going limp, and her body is still as the pendulum rhythmically sways.

There s Behind the Scenes with Cherie flexing her muscular body while oiled before the video plays. Sinn Sage massages oil on her body after the clip and they show the process of making the clip. The name Clifford is used.

OTHER KEYWORDS- peril, bondage, cuff bondage, damsel in distress, immobilization fetish, bondage device, classic bondage, DID, struggling, gags, cleavegagged, gagged woman, gagged women, gag talk, barefoot bondage, moaning fetish, roleplaying, roleplaying, fantasy, fantasies, armpit fetish, oil/lotion, cock tease, ribcage fetish, belly fetish, bound bellies, bound belly, abs, behind the scenes, BTS, candid, muscular woman, muscular women, blondes, big tits
#Bondage #BondageRestraints #BondageDevice #DamselInDistress #Gags

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!
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