SinnSage - Belly Beating Bout Sheena Rose Sinn Sage

31 Mar 2022
Sheena Rose and I (Sinn Sage) challenge each other to a belly punching competition to see who can withstand the most belly torment. The loser will tap out by saying mercy.

She goes first and keeps her arms to her side as I pound her belly button. The first one makes her gag and cough and she s surprised at my strength.

I stand and lose my breath as she belly punches her fists deep in my abs. We both have white marks from the gut punching. She holds her hands in my navel to prolong the sensation which I enjoy.

The belly beatdowns get harder and she doesn t like my stomach impacts because they make her sore belly ache. She tries harder to be an accurate puncher and I blow air out with each tummy punching.

I think I can last longer and get cockier by rubbing my knuckles into her tight belly. She s so lean and lithe that she feels my gut punches more. She retaliates by belly button punching my curvy belly harder. It takes me by surprise but I m determined to win.

She s impressed with my strength and stamina, but stays in the game. We both have a hard time flexing our muscles and our gag reflexes are kicking in. The outcome of these tests of strength is a secret, but you will like our belly busting challenge!

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!
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