BuddahsPlayground - Cum Eating Goon Intoxxx Sign-Up

23 Mar 2022
You are going to see a total mind fucking video that will mesmerize and lure you into becoming a full-blown goon for cum. Stroke and do the things that I tell you to in order to sign up for the official 2021 OCE CLUB /PLEDGE. I guide you, edge you, encourage you as you slowly slip deep into the rabbit hole and get totally fucked up on the very thought of eating your own cum. Lapping it up like the cum guzzler you know you want to be. Your mind is whirling and your dick is throbbing. Today is the day you dedicate yourself to becoming my semen swallowing whore. I will take your cum eating virginity and guide you through a whirlwind of tasks and assignments if you take the pledge. This is the interactive first step in my official O.C.E. Club. You will be told what to do next in this interactive video. I will have your head swirling and you will be waiting for my next set of instructions with your hard dick in your hand and mouth open!
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