TheTabithaJane - Your Life As My BootLicker

01 Apr 2022
I m kind enough to let you look at me in my sexy thigh high leather boots. I know you ve been hearing the term "bootlicker" all over the internet. It s trending, and now it s gotten you horny and thinking about being made to clean my bots after a long day of me working in them. I let you know exactly what I expect of you, my sweet little boot bitch.

I ll come home, and first I ll use you as a footstool. We won t be rushing through it, and you ll be still until I decide it s time for you to take my boots off. Then, I ll put those boots on a hanger and have you clean them off, licking every inch until they re pristine. IF you do a good job making them spotless, I ll have you lay on your back as you watch them dry. And then, as they re drying, I ll have you stroke a single time every so often, when I feel like. I know you ll be hard from licking them clean and the smell of them fresh on your face. Once they re dry and I confirm they re to my expectations, I ll let you jerk off and finally worship until the cum countdown at the end.

Just to make sure you have the right idea, we enact this exact scenario. I know it s everything my little boot licker could ve ever hoped for. You don t mind that I tease you as you happily lick away, erect and cleaning to make sure you get that ability to worship. Cumming to licking my boots.. it s the perfect way to be a boot bitch.
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